January 22, 2016

Be humbled

I checked my rash today like I do often and it is still there just in a shade of tan. I was feeling down about it and worrying what it is going to look like when I wear a swimsuit this summer. And will it always be a different shade of color than the rest of my body? And then I had a moment that hit me strong. I was checking out at a home decor store and the cashier started making this noise and I thought he was about to start vomiting. Then I realized he kept doing it but his body kept twitching uncontrollably. He didn't have full control of his arms.  I do not know from what disease he suffers but I was humbled to know that what I am dealing with there are people all around us dealing with something that they would gladly trade you for. This was just a reminder to me from my Father in Heaven to remember to be grateful. We do not know what tomorrow will bring. Though we may feel we are going through a hard trial and you probably are, just remember everyone is going through some sort of trial. The person that didn't smile back to you or didn't jump in joy when you told them your good news or the angry and frustrated mom... remember they could be going through one of the hardest trials they have had to face. I hope I can keep that I can keep this reminder in my heart and mind. 

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